What is musical composition?


Musical composition or audio production is the creation of a piece of music. It consists of the combination of the elements of the musical and its parts. In other words, composition is the process of creating a new piece of music. So, the composer is the person who expresses his or her own ideas through the use of sound.

However, didactic planning in the area of music has found challenges in framing musical practices. In this sense, it is necessary to know that the subjects involved in music and the knowledge of it are framed in a clear pedagogical model.

The precise explanation of composition and its teaching does not escape this form and this rigor. Thus, the philosophical and aesthetic foundations of music have defined composition as a mode of specific knowledge that requires a method.

The diverse practices that music generates, make, in the educational field, the challenge to explain contexts to define its object of study, its specific forms of work and its particularities as a discipline.

Composition as a proposal for teaching music

This is possible according to current criteria that understand the fact that composition is the integration of multiple musical knowledge present in the artistic practice. For an excellent job in audio production you need:

Such as the design, experimentation and selection of sonorities; as well as the elaboration of compositional strategies; the application of resources; the making of temporal, spatial and formal decisions, among others.

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5 indispensable tools for a music producer

At some point in your life as a music producer you may have asked yourself: what are the indispensable tools for a music producer? 

Or how do professional producers get those hits and/or those great productions that end up becoming references? If the answer were easy, the truth is that everyone would be dedicated to music, but it is a process that demands a lot of work, dedication and effort to get what you want.

Certainly many people are unaware of the work of a music producer in the industry, without any structure or technical knowledge of the elementary role that a music producer has, they pigeonhole him or catalogue him in something totally wrong. 

But we want this situation not to be repeated and to make this valuable profession receive the respect it really deserves:

  1. Academic knowledge (technical and/or professional)
  2. Strongly develop your own criteria
  3. The equipment you need as a music producer for your home studio
  4. Professional level software
  5. Listening to all music genres will do you good

In short, we have given you a list of some tools that you should not miss to build your career as a music producer, now it is your duty to explore them and know which ones you can apply for your audio production. We hope that these tools are useful to clear up some of the doubts you had at the time of starting and you can start your career with confidence.